Friday, 21 November 2014

One of those days... Is it right for him? Hell is it even right for me?

There's always those people you meet. The beautiful in there own way. I'm so confused. There's one that's good for me. That I don't deserve. Don't want to hurt. Then I never want to hurt someone I care for. 

Then there's the one that has a shield as thick or even thicker then me. Won't let and emotion in. If so its a bare minamum. He's afraid to get hurt. Cause everyone fucks him over. He just needs to be loved and know someone's there. I think I've made point I want to be there. But it's his choice to push me away. 

I'm trying to decide between my hearts and my mind. We all know what is best for ourself. No one can take that away from yourself but your own self. 

Point is everyone one has there own beauty. And everyone fucks up. The shadows may never disappear but the sun can always light or change them. 

Point is I know what's right an what's wrong for me... But is it right for him?

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