Sunday, 16 November 2014

In the beginning... I never thought it be like this.

Life throws us curves. We all get through many. I'm accepted by many. And loved by many. 

I'm 21, female. Single. And moved out on my own. Moved away from my hometown. And been finding myself along the way. 

I'm not full of myself. Far from it. Just accepted life. I don't know what I want from life other then to be happy and everyone around me to be happy as well. Life to short to fight and not enjoy the gifts we have in front of us. 

I have great people in my life. We all have messed up, as have I. But we all love each other even at our hardest time. There times we get mad at each other as anyone else. 

I have 3 beautiful lady's in my life that have really encourage and inspired me to be strong, go for what I want, and that has been there. 

Since I have moved away from I've learned a lot. My first love didn't work out. 5 years together. We couldn't make it work. He hurt me to much. Emotional I've stepped away. Rarely talk. Not even hi. Which was hard at first but makes life easier. It hurts to talk. Brings everything up. But still was my best friend. 

I owe my life to a great young man. We ended up talking threw my second mom out of all things. I moved to a place where I know 3 people and had no where to go if I left my Exboyfriend. I felt so alone there was only one person I'd talk to about it. I was that low. I didn't care about anything that happen. I was so depressed. 

Him and I stared talking. Within a few months I started to feel not so alone. I have had many people say I'm pretty. That I can do better and deserve much better. But for some reason it didn't click till him. 

I fell for him...
Now I don't know what to do.

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