Friday, 13 February 2015

Should just say it and let it go...

I've fallen for this one guy. He likes to do his thing and seems if someone gets close to him, he takes a step back. 

I want to be there for him. I don't want to be pushed away. He is a really loving person. You see it in his eyes. I just wish he could find happiness. He's a great person and deserves it. 

Today is one of my favourite time of years. Friday the 13th. I'm unlucky all the other days but always love days like these. 

It makes me think should I tell I care once again. Not that I have told him, it was wrong timing. Or should I just keep it to myself. The way it maybe is meant to be. 


Saturday, 7 February 2015

How do you talk when your tongue tied...

What if you had the chance to have what you want? Is it so wrong?

Would you give up on something your a meh on to for the chance for something you been in to since you met him. The he saved you for myself at my low? 

I know I don't care as long as he's happy and everyone's okay. 

It's hard to decide weather I wait it out or just jump for it. Do what I want and be happy. But my question is does he feel the same? 

How do I word it to ask him. How do you ask someone who's acts tough but is really just someone who so loveable. 

We will see. 


Sunday, 1 February 2015

To wait or not to wait. Ah screw it.

It always feel like we are waiting for someone. That we don't want to be alone. The thing is we don't need someone else to be there. 

Yes, it's nice to have someone to hold your hand. It's also nice knowing you can stand on your own. Pull your own weight.  I like being able to stand on my own. I like not focusing on a guy. 

But when you fall for someone it's hard. The key is when you don't know if they will hurt you or how they feel towards you. I shut it off... Should I shut it out? I'm still a great friend to him. It's it better that way? I've already lost 2 best friends cause i have dated them. Is better to leave it alone?

Friday, 30 January 2015

Short and sweet...

A) So if you had the chance to tell a guy that you care for him would you do it..? 

B) Now to add on top of this that you started a relashionship and its not as strong as that connection. Would you still do it. 

C) I respect my relationship either way it's so tempting to he what he'd have to say. But is it worth losing what I have?

Comment below if you like,
Thanks Nic

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Learning to bite my tongue..

They say if you have a crush on someone it only last 4 months... And if you like them after that you love them. 

What if you have to put up with them. That you think it's better to shut up and stay where you are. 

When I love someone else for all the things they done for me when I was at my lowest. What does it mean when you love them more then the person you been seeing. In my shoes use to walk away. What if I want him more? He's more independent. He works hard. He deserves to be happy. I know I should to but the biggest sacrifice is giving up your own happiness for someone you love. 

I'd be happy to give him my luck and happiness. He has Murphy's law fallow him everywhere. 

If I go home doe that meant there's a chance for me and him? Let alone me having and family of my own?

This questions will take to long for me to find out. I'd rather take being alone, and see him happy. 

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

What if you want you can't have? Again?

"Tell me something I need to know
Then take my breath and never let it go
If you just let me invade your space
I'll take the pleasure, take it with the pain
And if in the moment I bite my lip
Baby in that moment you know this is
Something bigger than us and beyond bliss

Give me a reason to believe it"

Just give me a reason to believe and I'm yours. Life may not be easy for you. And wouldn't be the easiest road for me if I was so to choose it. But I'd take that chance. To be happy with you. At that make you happy. 

All I want is you happy. To see your baby girl. To see you have a beautiful gift. Not just you daughter, but you. Life goes on it know. And we're friends. 

I know he's good for me, but it's not the same. I can see the road with him. Yours is like a advancer with curves in the road. You put a fire under my ass to get shit done. A fire that just pulls you in. 

Give me a reason to believe it. 

Monday, 5 January 2015

God I wish I knew....

He's so tall and handsome as hell.
He's so bad but he does it so well.

These lyrics get to me. Make me think of him. How strong he is. Tall, handsome, and beautiful blue eyes. These are all physical thing. Also his personality. It's one person I'd drop everything for. 

I wait to hear those words but they don't come. All it would take for me to go home and be with him. But he's to hurt to want a relationship. He'll knows if he wanted one with me...

Why can't I know what he thinks... To know he's okay... To actually be there for him. Give him what he wants and when he needs. Hell what I need to. Even if it's just to be close. To be just a friend. 

Is it possible to be friends after you fallen so deep for someone? To just want to drive to be with them to hold there hand when all else is hard. One day he will read this will he be mad or sad or confused as I am. But as of right now I'm trying to do what's best for me. And not just run home to be just a maybe. I want him so bad but I don't want to wait for the what if. 

So the question. If you had to choose would you pick the relationship that will most likely work or the one you really want? 

Think about it.
Nic ❤️